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BEST stands for Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology. The BEST Robotics competition embodies that principle with the unique challenge and limited kit of hardware every year. It emphasizes group engineering and creativity. Every year, teams who compete in BEST Robotics are given a kit of electrical components, hardware (screws, bolts, etc.), various types of wood, sheet metal, and PVC pipe. The objective is to use these raw materials and construct a robot to score the most points in the challenge. Each year’s game involves accomplishing tasks in a given amount of space with extremely specific rules. The BEST Competition is unique in many aspects. Unlike other robotics competitions where a kit of pre-manufactured parts are used, BEST requires students to make their own parts out of raw materials and have them soldered to motors. BEST has a set kit of materials and a limited quantity of the material. Only these materials can be used, and the amount cannot exceed the amount set in the rule book. The budget is $0 and no other materials may be purchased.

BEST is more than just building a robot though, it also includes writing an engineering notebook, creating a marketing presentation, and designing a booth. These other aspects of BEST play major roles in how the team places at the competition and these categories are weighted either as heavily or almost as heavily as the robot when it comes to final scoring. The BEST award is the highest honor awarded at competition and is based on these other areas along with spirit. The CircuitRunners hold a legacy at BEST competitions and did extremely well in this past season.