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BEST stands for Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology. The BEST Robotics competition emphasizes teamwork and different aspects of the engineering world through four main parts of the competition – the robot, the engineering design and research notebook, the display booth, and the business presentation. This fall semester competition accommodates different interests and skill sets, from programming to writing to project management to shop skills.

Every year, teams who compete in BEST Robotics are given a kit of electrical components, hardware (screws, bolts, etc.), various types of wood, sheet metal, and PVC pipe. Using only the allowed materials, teams have six weeks to construct their robot, in addition to the notebook, booth, and presentation.

This year, the game is PayDirt 2015, which is all about mining. Teams collect and deliver different minerals, and preform repairs on the field, which represents a dilapidated mine.

Teams compete with their robots, and with the notebook, display booth, and presentation. The combination of all four areas of the competition make up the BEST award. The BEST award is the highest honor awarded at competition and is based on these other areas along with spirit. The CircuitRunners have competed in BEST competitions since 2002, and are excited for the current season! Our competition is October 24th, from 8am to 6pm for the 2015 season!