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FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) is an alliance competition from FIRST robotics, and has a yearlong build season. The team is given a challenge that must be completed by a robot that fits into an 18x18x18 inch cube. A kit is given, and CircuitRunners are challenged to use the prefabricated parts to create unique robots. Engineering concepts and design strategies are stressed in FTC robotics.

FIRST is an international organization that allows grade school students to compete in robotics competitions. We build mid sized robots that must fit within a 18 inch cube that are designed to complete a variety of tasks. Each year, FIRST issues a new game, and the students get to redesign and reprogram the robots.

The Wheeler CircuitRunners FTC team 1002 is divided into several sub-teams that focus on different parts of the competition.

The build team designs and creates the robots.

The programming team writes the code for the robot and loads it onto the NXT that we use to control the robot. Our team uses RobotC to write the program, but there is a choice of languages that other teams choose to use

The Notebook sub-team is in charge of maintaining the engineering notebook that outlines our progress throughout the year.

The CAD sub-team designs the robot on the computer before the builders construct the physical robot. This allows us to see flaws in the design before we spend the time building.

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